When you intend to launch our new brand video, and #Mondaymotivation takes hold...

Sarah Whipp



We got very excited when we finalized our brand video on Friday 26th October, and then realization hit – no one launches something on a Friday evening. “Let’s wait for Monday” marketing cried, “think of the energy we can bring to the launch when the week is fresh”. What we didn’t take into account is how frequently #Mondaymotivations can overflow into #Mondaymadness.

We were brainstorming how we could communicate that watching the video would only take a moment of someone’s time, and what measures movie time better than popcorn eating? Well, we are sure that there are many better measures but for the life of us, we couldn’t think of any. This transcended very quickly into a grown up discussion of how much could be eaten, followed by an office competition to determine that our differing claims were possible.

So, we've gone to Twittersphere to ask how much can be eaten in a minute, a couple of cheeky kernels, a handful, or a bag. And, to prove all are possible our team demonstrated the different approaches – which one would you be?

You can see our new brand video below. 



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