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Two birds - one stone: Tackling sim swap fraud whilst improving customer trust

Mobile banking adoption has rocketed in the last few years. Being able to bank on the go has enabled us to reach new levels of convenience, but it’s also enabled the fraudsters who are evolving...

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Webinar: Beyond SCA, the forgotten advantages of PSD2

Join us for our latest webinar as we examine PSD2 beyond SCA and how banks can differentiate by focusing on exemptions policy management to improve their customers’ experience & most importantly -...

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Don’t settle for average when it comes to PSD2 regulation

The challenges that financial institutions face trying to manage customer experience and security are considerable. Pull the lever too far one way and you begin to sacrifice aspects of the other....

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Infographic: Identification in the age of PSD2

2018 may be the year of GDPR.... but it's also the year of PSD2Earlier this year GDPR came into effect, and it was the most important data privacy law we've ever seen. But it wasn't the only major...

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Behavioural biometrics and PSD2 – just one of multiple authentication factors

The European Banking Authority (EBA) recently confirmed that behavioural biometrics is a suitable technology for strong customer authentication for compliance with the Payment Services Directive 2...

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