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Infographic: 2018 User Authentication Preference Report

We've condensed the results of our 2018 User Authentication Preference Survey into a handy downloadable infographic. Click the image below to download.

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Paul Anderson talks to the Future of Finance Podcast

Paul Anderson, Head of Strategic Alliances talks to the Future of Finance podcast about identity management and behavioural driven authentication. 

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Callsign 2018 User Authentication Preference Report

Knowledge-based identification may be the preferred way to authenticate online, but for how long?

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Don’t settle for average when it comes to PSD2 regulation

The challenges that financial institutions face trying to manage customer experience and security are considerable. Pull the lever too far one way and you begin to sacrifice aspects of the other....

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A peek into the life of a Callsign intern

Knowing only as much about the company as internet research and an interview would allow, and a little unsure as to what role a game developer might have at a cyber security company, I did not...

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Are we at the tipping point for passwords?

Biometrics and behaviour-based authentication are on the rise

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Infographic: Identification in the age of PSD2

2018 may be the year of GDPR.... but it's also the year of PSD2Earlier this year GDPR came into effect, and it was the most important data privacy law we've ever seen. But it wasn't the only major...

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The hidden ‘corkage’ costs of BYOD (Bring your own device)

How Identity as a Service (IDaaS) can help enterprises solve their BYOD challenges

BYOD is growing in popularity around the world. Some companies believe it is making their workforce more...

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Bot Wars - The Evolution of Malicious AI Powered BOTs

Bots are becoming one of the greatest challenges for organisations to defend against, with large numbers being targeted by automated attacks over the web. These pose a critical threat to...

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Callsign nominated for the Fintech Power 50

We’re super pleased to be nominated as a contender for the Fintech Power 50, a guide to the most influential and innovative companies shaping the Fintech industry. The annual list is determined by...

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