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Callsign, the leading artificial intelligence-based authentication platform for enterprises, financial institutions and consumer-facing digital services has announced its partnership with Identity Methods, a provider of Identity Management and Data Security solutions.

The partnership will allow their artificial intelligence-based authentication platform to integrate seamlessly with Identity Method’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

With a global client base, this latest partnership will provide Callsign with greater scope to extend their footprint across the UK. It also allows Identity Methods’ customers and prospects access to more informed and truly adaptive access control decisions. Putting enterprises and their users back in control of their identity and access management.

Callsign’s Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) solution proactively defends against data breaches and cybercrime, securing employee & customer identities to prevent data breaches occurring and protecting consumer identities, minimizing the impact of compromised credentials.

Today’s announcement reinforces both Callsign’s and Identity Methods’ commitment to delivering the most secure, yet accessible, IAM solutions..

"As we are aware, there's huge potential in the UK for more accessible and secure authentication practices," said Paul Anderson, Head of Strategic Alliances for Callsign. "We chose to work with Identity Methods as they are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable providers of IAM in the region."

Commenting on the new agreement with Callsign, Ian Collard, CEO at Identity Methods said: "We were looking for a truly unique solution to offer to our customers. Callsign’s IDA solution applies deep learning to device, location and behaviour analytics to paint the complete threat picture of every access attempt. This will enable our customers to protect against threats in real-time by adjusting the authentication journey to the risk, using a variety of biometric and knowledge-based authenticators. The partnership supports our strategy of growing our influence in this vertical sector, by providing best-in-class products, in order to maintain trust, reputation and drive take-up."

About Identity Methods

Identity Methods is a leading provider of Identity Management and Data Security solutions in the UK. With a consultancy led approach we deliver complete solutions using best of breed products to offer our clients an end-to-end service, covering every aspect of the identity and information lifecycle. Providing software, hardware and consulting solutions we ensure you can exploit your data securely, using the cloud and analytics to drive more business, through valuable intelligence, while controlling access to data, applications and infrastructure across the interconnected enterprise.

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