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Size does matter… Why large complex policies aren’t your greatest asset

Policies are one of the main lines of defence in stopping fraud. But, for years they’ve been built wrong. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just there’s a better way.

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Whitepaper: Intelligent Swipe Authentication

The use of touchscreen based mobile devices is prevalent today, with each containing potentially vast amounts of personal data and special access. The security consideration surrounding these...

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When you intend to launch our new brand video, and #Mondaymotivation takes hold...

We got very excited when we finalized our brand video on Friday 26th October, and then realization hit – no one launches something on a Friday evening. “Let’s wait for Monday” marketing cried,...

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You dancing? Who’s asking?

Making the digital slow dance catch up with the real-world quick step

The digital premise has always been about ease, speed and accessibility. Goods delivered to our doors, banking without lines...

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Infographic: Cyber Security Awareness Month

In support of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we've put together some of our key tips to keeping your identity secure online. 

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Callsign Partners with London Met University

The London Metropolitan University have launched a dedicated Cyber Security Research Centre, that provides a space for researchers,students and industryexperts to develop new approaches and best...

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Infographic: 2018 User Authentication Preference Report

We've condensed the results of our 2018 User Authentication Preference Survey into a handy downloadable infographic. Click the image below to download.

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Paul Anderson talks to the Future of Finance Podcast

Paul Anderson, Head of Strategic Alliances talks to the Future of Finance podcast about identity management and behavioural driven authentication. 

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Callsign 2018 User Authentication Preference Report

Knowledge-based identification may be the preferred way to authenticate online, but for how long?

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Don’t settle for average when it comes to PSD2 regulation

The challenges that financial institutions face trying to manage customer experience and security are considerable. Pull the lever too far one way and you begin to sacrifice aspects of the other....

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